Gutter Shield is a practical investment in your home’s appearance and value.  Barely perceptible from street level, it is compatible with any architectural style, and designed to visually merge with your guttering and roof.  Built with the strongest and longest lasting bracket on the market, Gutter Shield is guaranteed for the life of your home.

Gutter Shield can be installed on any roof; composition, wooden, rubber, metal, ect…  Most installations take only one day and will include cleaning your gutters for the last time, free of charge.  Before the installer begins he makes a thorough inspection of your guttering making sure they are in perfect working order, flashing behind the drip edge if needed making sure fasteners are tight, and resealing joints and corners all at no extra cost to you.

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  • Gutter Shield

    Tired of cleaning out your gutters?

    With GutterShield you are guarenteed to never have to clean out your gutters again.

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  • Copper

    Add a touch Old World eligance with Copper Guttering

    The beauty of a copper gutter system says you want the best for your home.

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  • Specials

    Check out our specials.

    We offer seasonal discounts on Gutter Shield Premium Products. Contact us for information on our current discounts or click read more below.

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  • Half Round

    Set your home apart from the neighbours with Half Round Gutters

    The old world look with the superior functionality of seamless half round.

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Jeff Gamel

Now at the age of 38 Jeff has been the single owner of GutterShield for over 18 years. Dedicated to inovation of his product and backing it up with exceptional customer service, Jeff and his team will treat your home as it was his own. With hundreds of GutterShield installs a year Jeff spends much of his time in the quality control section of his company,assuring that quality is number one. Let us take care of your guttering, draining needs, roofing, and siding needs.

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